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Structure and composition : Anorthite is the calcic end member of the plagio-clase feldspar series, but the name is also used for any plagioclase containing 7 90% CaAl2Si2O8. Its structure is similar to those of albite and orthoclase.

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Group name for Na, Ca feldspars. Plagioclase series members. The composition of plagioclase feldspar is typically indicated by the general anorthite (% An) or albite (% Ab) fraction and is easily determined by measuring the refractive index or peel angle within the crushed particles by measuring the refraction angle under a thin section.

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Aug 10, 2019· This mineral is often called potassium feldspar or K-feldspar because potassium always exceeds sodium in its formula. Potassium feldspar comes in three different crystal structures that depend on the temperature it formed at. Microcline is the stable form below about 400 C. Orthoclase and sanidine are stable above 500 C and 900 C, respectively.

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Feldspar Group. Ca-rich end member of the Albite-Anorthite Series. High- and low-temperature structural modifications exist. Visit for gemological information about Anorthite.

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The plagioclase feldspar subgroup consists of a continuous mineral series that is arbitrarily subdivided into six mineral categories whose composition varies from being relatively pure sodium aluminum silicate (albite) to a relatively pure calcium aluminum silicate (anorthite).

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Anorthite is the calcium endmember of the plagioclase feldspar mineral series. The chemical formula of pure anorthite is Ca Al 2 Si 2 O 8.Anorthite is found in mafic igneous rocks.Anorthite is rare on the Earth but abundant on the Moon.

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Petrologists distinguish the position of a plagioclase along this series using two numbers- %Ab (percent albite) and %An (percent anorthite.) Plagioclases are triclinic and have a Moh's hardness of 6 to 6 ½. The pure sodium feldspar, albite has the formula NaAlSi3O8 and the pure calcium endmember, anorthite has the formula CaAl2Si2O2.

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A series between Albite and Anorthite Feldspar Group. Alternate name for the plagioclase series of feldspars. In petrology, the plagioclase series are defined based on their percentage of albite (Ab) to anorthite …

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Back to Rocks and Minerals Articles Kathy Feick x Al(Al,Si)3O8 ("x" can be sodium and/or calcium and/or potassium) Feldspar was officially given its name by Johan Gottschalk Wallerius in 1747. It is a contraction of the longer name fieldspar as some early specimens were found in fields. The term spar is a generic term used to refer to any non-metallic mineral with a vitreous

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Plagioclase feldspar is used most commonly in ceramics, glass, enamel, soap, false teeth, and scouring powders. Another form of feldspar, potassium feldspar, has very similar uses.

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Plagioclase Plagioclase is a member of the feldspar group (like orthoclase) and is a framework silicate.Plagioclase consists of a solid solution between the albite and anorthite end-members, and together with quartz is the most common of the rock forming minerals. The twinning in plagioclase produces stacks of twin layers that are typically fractions to several millimetres thick.

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The composition of a plagioclase feldspar is typically denoted by its overall fraction of anorthite (%An) or albite (%Ab), and readily determined by measuring the plagioclase crystal's refractive index in crushed grain mounts, or its extinction angle in thin section under a polarizing microscope.The extinction angle is an optical characteristic and varies with the albite fraction (%Ab).

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The different types of plagioclase. Ask Question Asked 4 years, 6 months ago. ... 10% K-feldspar, 30% albite and 60% anorthite. By modern classification this is anorthite. By the old classification (still used in petrology) its labradorite. The 50 % rule applies so basically what is over 50% ir right. Over 0.5 Na is albite, over 0.5 is anorthite.

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Aug 06, 2016· Feldspar isn't really a mineral, it's a class of minerals, comprising a range of compositions. Likewise, the term plagioclase is a subclass, comprising a yet smaller range of compositions. There is a lot of variability in feldspars. Here is a more...

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The plagioclase feldspar family is the most common mineral family in the earth's crust. It is almost ubiquitous in igneous rocks. Gabbros, basalts and anorthosites tend to have more calcium-rich plagioclase, generally labradorite. Andesites and diorite tend to have moderately sodium-rich plagioclase, usually in the andesine range.

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Albite is a plagioclase feldspar mineral. It is the sodium endmember of the plagioclase solid solution series. It represents a plagioclase with less than 10% anorthite content. The pure albite endmember has the formula Na Al Si 3 O 8. It is a tectosilicate. Its color is …

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Anorthite. Anorthite, CaAl 2 Si 2 O 8, is classified as a plagioclase group feldspar tectosilicate, with 45 to 50% of the Si 4+ in the tetrahedra framework substituted by Al 3+.This large charge deficit is balanced mainly by the addition of Ca to the feldspar structure. Up to 10% of the Ca may be replaced by Na, in poroportion to the total charge on the structure.

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May 25, 2018· Introduction to Feldspar - * Feldspars are the most abundant minerals in the earth's crust. They constitute about 2/3rd of the igneous rocks. * They are a group of rock-forming tectosillicate minerals that make up 51% of the earth's crust. * The w...

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Albite belongs to the Plagioclase Feldspar group, an isomorphous solid solution series.Albite is one end member, containing sodium and no calcium. The other end member, Anorthite, contains calcium and no sodium.The intermediary members are Oligoclase, Andesine, Labradorite, and Bytownite.Oligoclase and Andesine are considered by some to be a variety of Albite rather then a separate mineral.

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Anorthite and albite form a solid-solution series in which the two intermingle, so that, in nature, there is a continuous chemical variation between the two compounds. Labradorite. Labradorite is a variety of plagioclase feldspar, consisting of albite and anorthite, commonly occurring in basalt and gabbro (see

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Anorthite, a feldspar mineral, calcium aluminosilicate (CaAl2Si2O8), that occurs as white or grayish, brittle, glassy crystals. Primarily a rock-forming mineral, it is used in the manufacture of glass and ceramics. Anorthite occurs in basic igneous rocks, as at Trentino, Italy; Södermanland,

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Anorthite: Anorthite,, a feldspar mineral, calcium aluminosilicate (CaAl2Si2O8), that occurs as white or grayish, brittle, glassy crystals. Primarily a rock-forming mineral, it is used …

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Production and uses. About 20 million tonnes of feldspar were produced in 2010, mostly by three countries: Italy (4.7 Mt), Turkey (4.5 Mt), and China (2 Mt). Feldspar is a common raw material used in glassmaking, ceramics, and to some extent as a filler and extender in paint, plastics, and rubber.

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Anorthite belongs to the Plagioclase Feldspar group, an isomorphous solid solution series. Albite is one end member, containing sodium and no calcium. The other end member, Anorthite, contains calcium and no sodium. The intermediary members are Oligoclase, Andesine, Labradorite, and Bytownite.Labradorite and Bytownite are considered by some to be a variety of Anorthite rather then …

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Calcium and Sodium Rich Feldspars: There can be a mix of calcium and sodium (more correctly termed solid solutions) in Feldspars between Albite and Anorthite which are known generally as ...



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Abbreviations commonly used are Or (K-feldspar), Ab (albite), An (anorthite). 'Or' is an abbreviation of a common K-feldspar orthoclase, but sometimes it is used as a symbol of all the alkali feldspars. Alkali feldspars are compositionally between Or and Ab end-members. Plagioclase feldspars are …

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Feldspars in this range are called alkali feldspars. Feldspars containing Ca++ as the cation charge balancing substitution of Al for Si are called Anorthite. Complete solid solution between albite and anorthite is also possible and unmixing of Na-rich from Ca-rich components results in fine scale intergrowths that produce irridescence

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Albite and Clevelandite mineral information page at your on-line link for factual scientific and mineralogical information concerning natural albite feldspar and clevelandite, which are a variety of sodium rich plagioclase feldspar, with information on albite mining locations as well as background info on albite physical properties, occurance, metaphysical uses and ...

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Feldspar minerals are essential components in igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks, to such an extent that the classification of a number of rocks is based upon feldspar content. The mineralogical composition of most feldspars can be expressed in terms of the ternary system Orthoclase (KAlSi3O8), Albite (NaAlSi3O8) and Anorthite (CaAl2Si2O8).

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